Bar Raval

Bar Raval is a Spanish-influenced small-plate and pintxo parlour. Sherry-based cocktails, meticulously selected beer and wine, a beautiful menu and an intricately designed environment combine to create the perfect recipe for discerning diners.

505 College Street
Toronto, ON
M6J 2J3


Cojunado Pintxo

Toasted Baguette Topped with Grilled House Smoked Chorizo Sausage, Bacon, Marinated Piquillo Pepper, Sunny-Side Up Quail Egg & Parsley Oil 

Stracciatella & Boquerones Pintxo

Toasted Baguette Topped with Cow’s Milk Stracciatella Cheese, Marinated White Anchovies & Parsley Oil

Tuna Pickle Gilda

Red Pepper Stuffed Manzanilla Olive, Dill Pickle, Guindilla Peppers, Shallots & Albacore Tuna